Review Request for CR : 7144861 RMI activation tests are too slow (wrong webev link fixed)

Olivier Lagneau olivier.lagneau at
Thu May 10 22:20:25 UTC 2012

Olivier Lagneau said  on date 5/11/2012 12:13 AM:
> Please find the second webrev with your remarks applied here:

Html link above is buggy. Please go to this correct location:

> In addition to the way we have agreed (see below) to handle 
> InterruptedException in this fix,
> I have applied all the other requests for change.
> Regarding RMID.start() with outer and inner timer loops, I have kept 
> the current structure of the code,
> but for sure this should be totally rewritten in a further cleanup of 
> the code.
> Thanks,
> Olivier.
> Stuart Marks said  on date 5/10/2012 6:28 AM:
>> On 5/9/12 8:26 AM, Olivier Lagneau wrote:
>>> Given that we want to push the code quickly, I don't think I should 
>>> go for such
>>> a large IE cleanup for this fix,
>>> which is meant to provide better exceution speed only.
>>> I suggest to follow Stuart's proposal first (i.e. reassert and return
>>> immediately in my code changes) ,
>>> and create a dedicated new CR regarding proper handling of IE in all 
>>> the rmi
>>> tests (low priority).
>>> Do you agree with this ?
>> Yes, this seems like a sensible approach. The new CR might also cover 
>> the cleaning/unification of all the retry-repeatedly-with-time-limit 
>> loops that are spread through this code.
>> Thanks.
>> s'marks

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