Request for CR : 7144861 RMI activation tests are too slow (webrev.02)

Olivier Lagneau olivier.lagneau at
Fri May 11 14:09:17 UTC 2012

I made the changes below and checked again all the rmi regression test.

This updated webrev is here :


Olivier Lagneau said  on date 5/11/2012 12:18 PM:
> Stuart Marks said  on date 5/11/2012 3:04 AM:
>> Looks good. Just one thing: in, the declaration line for 
>> "boolean started" still has a comment that says "updated by started() 
>> method". That method has been renamed to setStarted(). Either fix the 
>> comment or perhaps better, remove it entirely. It's pretty easy to 
>> find uses of private variables. If the comment isn't there it won't 
>> get out of date! :-)
> Ok given Darryl's additional comment (see below), I will suppress this 
> comment.
>> Darryl Mocek said  on date 5/11/2012 12:51 AM:
>>> Olivier,
>>>    a minor comment...I would make the StreamPipe constructor private 
>>> since only the plugTogether method is supposed to call it.
>> BTW I ran before-and-after tests of the java/rmi/activation tests (32 
>> tests), and the results are as follows:
>> before: 18m21s
>> after:   7m52s
>> This is great!
>> If the comment typo is the only change then I don't think you need 
>> another webrev before you push. Oh wait, you can't push, can you. OK, 
>> I'll do the push then, and I can apply the comment fix if there 
>> aren't any other changes. I'll wait overnight to hear from Alan or 
>> David, and if there's nothing else, I'll go ahead with it tomorrow.
> I am going to provide another webrev containing Darryl's plus your 
> change requests within a couple of hours.
> Olivier.

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