Request for Review : CR#6924259: Remove String.count/String.offset

Jim Gish jim.gish at
Fri May 25 15:05:22 UTC 2012

On 05/25/2012 09:48 AM, Mike Duigou wrote:
>> A non-material comment is that there are a couple of style changes that I found annoying. Everyone is an expert on such matters, I'm not, but the one that bugged me a bit was adding the space after the cast, eg:
>> (toffset>  (long) value.length - len)
>> I found myself needing to re-read it to see if the cast applied to value.length or value.length-len. It's a minor point but you know what I mean.
> I too mostly prefer casts without a space. The code was reformatted with an IDE because I'm actually terrible about being consistent in my formatting. Mechanically formatted code, like mechanically separated meat, lacks any sense of what is readable to a human. I will remove some of the spaces.
> Mike
I realize this is an aside, but it would be helpful to maintain 
consistency in the code base if we had IDE-specific formatting profiles 
that we could post on the openjdk dev site that everyone could simply 
download and use with their favorite IDEs.  I'm sure that these 
discussions probably come up all the time during reviews.  Does anyone 
have one or more of these already?  If not, I'll volunteer to put one 
together for both Netbeans and Eclipse. (I also realize that this is 
probably better posted on a different e-mail list, but I didn't want to 
do so out of context. I'll move it elsewhere, but being new to this 
community, not sure where to do that, so please let me know).

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