Request for Review : CR#6924259: Remove String.count/String.offset

Ulf Zibis Ulf.Zibis at
Fri May 25 22:36:06 UTC 2012

Am 25.05.2012 17:05, schrieb Jim Gish:
> On 05/25/2012 09:48 AM, Mike Duigou wrote:
>> I too mostly prefer casts without a space. The code was reformatted with an IDE because I'm 
>> actually terrible about being consistent in my formatting. Mechanically formatted code, like 
>> mechanically separated meat, lacks any sense of what is readable to a human. I will remove some 
>> of the spaces.
>> Mike
> I realize this is an aside, but it would be helpful to maintain consistency in the code base if we 
> had IDE-specific formatting profiles that we could post on the openjdk dev site that everyone 
> could simply download and use with their favorite IDEs.  I'm sure that these discussions probably 
> come up all the time during reviews.  Does anyone have one or more of these already?  If not, I'll 
> volunteer to put one together for both Netbeans and Eclipse. (I also realize that this is probably 
> better posted on a different e-mail list, but I didn't want to do so out of context. I'll move it 
> elsewhere, but being new to this community, not sure where to do that, so please let me know).

I believe IDE implementers refer to the "Code Conventions for the JavaTM Programming Language", 8.2 
by default.
So simply fixing this bug would help:


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