Preliminary review: Adding tracing of I/O calls

Staffan Larsen staffan.larsen at
Tue Nov 6 13:58:22 UTC 2012

No, I haven't considered dynamic instrumentation. It would be a lot more work to implement it, and only worth it, I think, if the performance of the static instrumentation is bad. One could do a little of both: leave the static instrumentation in place, but change the IoTrace class to have only empty methods, then do dynamic instrumentation in that class. 


On 6 nov 2012, at 13:23, Alan Bateman <Alan.Bateman at> wrote:

> Staffan,
> Has dynamic instrumentation being considered for this project? I realize it would require knowledge of the sites to instrument and I realize that ignoring non-blocking I/O complicates it a bit too, I'm just wondering if you've done any experiments to see if this would be an alternative to the static instrumentation proposed.
> -Alan

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