Fake DNS query result inside a test

Vincent Ryan Vincent.X.Ryan at Oracle.Com
Wed Nov 7 12:51:14 UTC 2012

Are you suggesting to run a local DNS server? If so then it is easy to access that
via a JNDI context.

If you're proposing developing a basic JNDI service provider then that would be
more effort.

On 7 Nov 2012, at 01:05, Weijun Wang wrote:

> Hi Vinnie
> I want to write a regression test so that
>   Context ctx = NamingManager.getURLContext("dns", new Hashtable<>(0));
>   Attributes attrs =((DirContext)ctx).getAttributes(
>                     "_kerberos._udp.ASDF.COM.", SRV_RR_ATTR);
> can return some entries without querying a real external server.
> Is this possible by registering a local name server provider or else?
> Thanks
> Max

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