Review Request: 8001533: Java launcher must launch JavaFX applications

Alan Bateman Alan.Bateman at
Fri Nov 16 09:22:17 UTC 2012

On 16/11/2012 04:49, David DeHaven wrote:
> :
> I cleaned it up quite a bit, I think it looks a lot better now:
> The comments still need some attention, I'll get that first thing on the morrow.
> -DrD-
I haven't done a detailed code review but I'm wondering about preferring 
JavaFX-Application-Class over Main-Class. I realize there may be some 
history here, perhaps with the javafxpackager tool, but I'm just 
concerned that the JAR File specification specifies the Main-Class 
attribute, now it will be usurped and ignored if this custom attribute 
is present.

We also have to figure out how this is going to work with the Compact 
Profiles effort [1]. As part of this effort then a standard attribute, 
currently named "Profile", has been proposed so that main applications 
packaged as executable JAR files can indicate the minimum profile of 
Java SE that the needs. There is a prototype implementation in the 
jdk8/profiles/jdk repo [2]. We need to figure out where we are 
specification-wise if JavaFX-Application-Class is present and Main-Class 
is not present as it's not technically an executable JAR.

A really minor comment in passing but I see you've renamed MAIN_CLASS to 
MF_MAIN_CLASS, personally I think the original name was better.



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