Review request: JDK-7162111 TEST_BUG: change tests run in headless mode [macosx] (open part)

Alexey Utkin alexey.utkin at
Mon Nov 19 14:54:42 UTC 2012

Here is the updated version:

On 19.11.2012 16:26, Alan Bateman wrote:
> On 19/11/2012 09:57, Alexey Utkin wrote:
>> Bug description:
>> Here is the suggested fix:
> Thanks for taking this one on.
> The change to looks fine to me.
> For test/java/io/Serializable/resolveClass/deserializeButton/ 
> then I suggest removing the "was java.awt.Button" references from the 
> comments. The reason is that it will likely confuse future 
> maintainers. Also I think Adapter should be renamed, perhaps Element? 
> Finally the Error message still includes "Button" in the message and 
> we should change that. Otherwise it's great to have this test running 
> headless.
> One thing you'll need to do is remove these tests from the exclude 
> list (jdk/test/ProblemList.txt), otherwise they will not be run on the 
> Mac as they are currently excluded for that platform.
> I realize you've run the javax.script and jrunscript tests and they 
> pass for you but it may be that they aren't run (because they excluded 
> and ProblemList.txt has not been updated) or maybe you just didn't run 
> into the conditions that cause AWT to hang. I think these tests should 
> have their @run tag changed so that they run with 
> -Djava.awt.headless=true. That will allow them to be removed from the 
> exclude list.
> I looked at java/util/ResourceBundle/Control/ and it 
> appears that -Djava.awt.headless=true has added as part of the 
> forward-port of the Mac port so I think this means it can be removed 
> from the exclude list now.
Here is the JPRT respond with fixed test/ProblemList.txt:

Run time:           01H 16m 33s
Build Stats:        18 pass, 0 fail, 0 killed, 0 working, 0 initializing, 0 not started
Test Stats:         30 pass, 0 fail, 0 killed, 0 working, 0 initializing, 0 not started

Looks good without "-Djava.awt.headless=true".


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