Review Request: 8001533: Java launcher must launch JavaFX applications

David DeHaven david.dehaven at
Mon Nov 19 16:47:48 UTC 2012

>> If Main-Class is always present with JavaFX-Application-Class, it may be no impact; but this seems to be unclear at this moment.  Kevin can chime in here and looks like this requires more investigation before we continue the code review.
> I've read the other mails and I see that there are a number of discussion points that needs to be resolved before the proposal can move forward.

Yes, we've been discussing offline to nail down the actual wants for this feature.

> On the Profile attribute then the concern is where Main-Class is not present, in that case the JAR file isn't technically an executable JAR file and so would be considered a library JAR in the current proposal, hence different defaults so no fast-fail for FX applications.

Oh, I see your point there. Kumar brought up the idea of checking what Java version was targeted when it was compiled to kick in a backwards compatibility mode. I think moving forward there won't be any chance of not having a Main-Class, and I don't think javafxpackager has ever created a jar without it so if one did exist it would have been manually assembled.


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