Review Request: 8001533: Java launcher must launch JavaFX applications

Mandy Chung mandy.chung at
Tue Nov 20 03:45:01 UTC 2012

On 11/19/2012 6:43 PM, David DeHaven wrote:
>>> I've read the other mails and I see that there are a number of discussion points that needs to be resolved before the proposal can move forward.
>> Yes, we've been discussing offline to nail down the actual wants for this feature.
> After discussion and debate, we've decided the best course of action right now is to drop the JavaFX-Application-Class support for this round and revisit (hopefully quickly) in M6. This should alleviate any concerns for Profile support. There are other issues that require work to be done on the FX side before we can proceed beyond this, but this should provide a good baseline to accommodate those changes when they're ready.
> So, without further ado, here's the updated webrev:

Looks good to me.   Basically the change now is to support launching a 
FX application class that has no static void main method and there is no 
change in launching a JAR file nor an entry point with static void main 

    L71: I actually had the same comment as Alan that I prefer the 
original MAIN_CLASS variable name.
    L444-452: the comment doesn't match the impl e.g. 3 & 4 should be 
    L504, 536, 540: extra spaces in aligning the line above.

In fact, David has fixed these nits (thanks David):


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