Request for review: 7173494: some jdk tests are not run in test/Makefile

Alan Bateman Alan.Bateman at
Fri Nov 23 11:22:44 UTC 2012

On 22/11/2012 16:36, Rob McKenna wrote:
> Hi folks,
> Looking to backport these changes to the test makefiles to jdk7. As 
> per Alans original mail:
> "This one is a small clean-up of the test targets defined in 
> jdk/test/Makefile. The union of the tests executed by each of the make 
> targets should be the entire test suite but this isn't so, there are 
> small number of tests that aren't run.
> I've renamed jdk_misc to jdk_other (the original name is confusing 
> because of sun.misc) and expanded it to run additional areas that have 
> a small number of tests. If more tests are added to these areas over 
> time then it may make sense to add new targets in the future.
> "make jdk_jmx" now runs the JMX tests as it was confusing to have 
> those tests split between management1 and management2. I've also 
> renamed jdk_tools1 to jdk_jdi to make it clear that this is the JDI 
> tests rather than tools. When Kelly originally set this up he split 
> the NIO tests into 3 batches, I don't think this is necessary any 
> longer (the really slow tests have been long been dialed down or 
> changed to run much faster). "
> The tl folder refers to the forest root, the jdk folder refers to the 
> jdk repo.
> ( 8 changesets:
> )
>     -Rob
This looks okay to me, at least I don't see anything obviously different 
to the changes that we have in 8. I assume you will test these changes 
well before pushing them as it's very easy to get the configuration wrong.


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