Review Request: 7186817 - Remove Windows 95/98/ME Support

Dan Xu dan.xu at
Wed Oct 10 20:18:46 UTC 2012

Thanks for your good comments.

I have changed access modifiers for methods in 
And the new webrev can be viewed at

I did not change the hashCode implementation in this version. It will 
need further complete tests and another round of code review. But it is 
a good point to improve our code performance. Please log another bug to 
address this issue. Thanks!


On Wed 10 Oct 2012 03:58:26 AM PDT, Alan Bateman wrote:
> On 09/10/2012 21:02, Dan Xu wrote:
>> :
>> There are no code changes when moving them from Win32FileSystem to
>> WinNTFileSystem.
> Thanks for confirming, that makes it a lot easier to review.
> I've looked through the changes and it looks that you've done a very
> thorough job, thank you! The only thing I notice is that a couple of
> the methods that are moved don't need protected access anymore,
> examples are rename0, delete0, getDriveDirectory,
> canonicalizeWithPrefix and probably a few others.
> I see Ulf's suggestion to change the hashCode implementation while you
> are there but I agree that this should be looked at separately as the
> focus with this patch is removing code that isn't used anymore.
> -Alan

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