Heads up: large sets of copyright year updates going into jdk8/tl/jdk

Steve Sides steve.sides at oracle.com
Fri Oct 12 17:58:40 UTC 2012

Hi All,
This is a heads up notice, all files in jdk repositories which have been 
updated in 2012, and have not had the copyright year updated, are now 
doing so.  All other repositories have completed this chore and we've 
saved this largest for last.   Individually, each of these changes is 
trivial to update the copyright year in the copyright header, however, 
there are many of them.

A first push to jdk8/tl over the weekend will update 2000+ files.  Once 
this is in master and down in jdk8/awt,  the script will run again to 
update the remaining 1000 or so files.

Once these first large pushes are completed, periodic updates through 
til GA should be of a much smaller size and much easier to deal with.


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