RFR (M): 8000989: smaller code changes to make future JSR 292 backports easier

Christian Thalinger christian.thalinger at oracle.com
Wed Oct 17 15:40:59 UTC 2012

On Oct 16, 2012, at 8:54 PM, David Holmes <david.holmes at oracle.com> wrote:

> Not sure what relevance there is to hotspot :)

I don't expect anyone from the core library team to actually review these changes :-)

> Not meaning to be difficult but why not just apply this change to the 7u code and use the appropriate constructors? As I general rule (there are exceptions eg java.util.concurrent) I don't think the libraries code is written to be directly usable in multiple JDK versions.

It's not about running in different JDK versions.  It's about keeping the merging effort to a minimum when we back port future performance work.

-- Chris

> Or even add a package-private InternalError class that subclasses java.lang.InternalError to add the new constructors? (for 7u)
> David
> On 17/10/2012 4:01 AM, Christian Thalinger wrote:
>> http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~twisti/8000989
>> 8000989: smaller code changes to make future JSR 292 backports easier
>> Reviewed-by:
>> In 8 we added two new constructors to InternalError which we use in
>> 292.  Factor InternalError generation to a method to make future
>> backports to 7u easier.
>> src/share/classes/java/lang/invoke/BoundMethodHandle.java
>> src/share/classes/java/lang/invoke/CallSite.java
>> src/share/classes/java/lang/invoke/DirectMethodHandle.java
>> src/share/classes/java/lang/invoke/InvokerBytecodeGenerator.java
>> src/share/classes/java/lang/invoke/Invokers.java
>> src/share/classes/java/lang/invoke/LambdaForm.java
>> src/share/classes/java/lang/invoke/MemberName.java
>> src/share/classes/java/lang/invoke/MethodHandle.java
>> src/share/classes/java/lang/invoke/MethodHandleImpl.java
>> src/share/classes/java/lang/invoke/MethodHandleStatics.java
>> src/share/classes/sun/invoke/util/ValueConversions.java
>> test/java/lang/invoke/BigArityTest.java
>> test/java/lang/invoke/PrivateInvokeTest.java

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