RFR: 6594697 - varargs message and Throwable methods for java.util.Logger

Jim Gish jim.gish at oracle.com
Tue Oct 30 20:31:51 UTC 2012

I've prepared a new webrev retaining the parameter ordering, but 
removing the isLoggable() refactoring for now.



If this looks o.k. I'll submit to CCC for approval.

On 10/30/2012 02:30 PM, Alan Bateman wrote:
> On 30/10/2012 14:21, Jim Gish wrote:
>> I was one the fence with the parameter ordering and would like 
>> additional feedback on this point.  I started off as you suggested, 
>> but didn't like the fact that the params were separated from the msg 
>> by the Throwable.  I could go either way, but would like to hear from 
>> others on this point.
>> Thanks,
>>     Jim
> I think it make sense to keep the message and its parameters together, 
> and since the parameters have to be at the end then it does mean the 
> Throwable comes before the message. It does mean that there is a bit 
> of inconsistency in the ordering but it might be a bit odd to put the 
> Throwable between the message and its parameters.
> I think the changes to use isLoggable should be separated out into 
> their own issue.
> -Alan

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