Review request for 7192302 Remove JDBCRowSetImpl dependency on java.beans

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Thu Sep 6 13:09:04 UTC 2012

Thank you for the comments Alan

On Sep 6, 2012, at 9:00 AM, Alan Bateman wrote:

> On 06/09/2012 13:40, Lance Andersen - Oracle wrote:
>> Here is the updated webrev
>> I know there is more clean-up that can be done to remove other Rave added code (such as the removal of set/getPreparedStatement/Connection/ResultSet), I want to keep the focus to just removing PropertyChangeSupport.  SQE and RowSet TCKs continue to pass with these changes.
> Your previous mail uses the word "nuke", I was thinking the same thing :-)
> The latest webrev looks okay except that in one of the constructors you have removed a call to ensure that the connection is established, I'm not sure about the significance of that.

This is not needed here and given I have already tested with this removed, I figured I would OK to keep this as part of the change
> I also see there are a couple of residual references to "Rave" that can probably be pulled, these seem to be related to the PropertyChangeListener support.

I left those in as a reminder to go back as part of the rest of the Rave clean-up.  I would prefer to leave them for now and when I  make another pass for Rave, I will get rid of them
> One method that looks like it could be removed too is setConcurrency but I agree that keeping focused on just removing the beans dependency is right for now.

 I had thought about that but I have to think about this one a bit more as the getConcurrency() is leveraging the value returned from the active ResultSet which is why I did not remove this at this time.

In some cases, I must confess the original authors have left me scratching my head on some of this code but I want to be surgical in removing or addressing changes so that it would be easier to find any un-intended gotchas.


> -Alan.

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