javax.sql.rowset.serial.SerialBlob doesn't support free and getBinaryStream

Alan Bateman Alan.Bateman at
Fri Sep 21 08:37:12 UTC 2012

On 21/09/2012 04:21, Deven You wrote:
> Hi Lance,
> I am very busy with other work so I can't work with the 
> SerialBlob/SerialClob item for long time. I am very happy to refine 
> the current test case and create new tests for SerialClob.
> I have create a new webre[1] for this task, please review it.
> [1] 
> <>
> PS: If the isFree is not transient, I want to know how we add this 
> field to the javadoc serialized form?
I don't know very much about the rowset API and I can't see anything to 
specify whether it is meant to be safe for use by concurrent threads. 
There are clearly lots of issues here and implementing free introduces a 
lot more, especially with the possibility of an asynchronous free or 
more than one thread calling free at around the same time.

Have you considered "buf == null" to mean that the resources are freed? 
That might avoid needing to change the serialized form. Also as these 
types are serializable it means you have to consider the case where you 
deserialize to buf == null && isFree == false for example. On that 
point, it looks to me that this code needs a readObject anyway (for 
several reasons).

A small point is that "isFree" is a odd name for a method that doesn't 
return a boolean. If the patch goes ahead then I think it needs a better 
name, ensureNotFree or requireNotFree or something like that.


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