Proposal: Put @Native and @GenerateNativeHeader in same package

Paul Benedict pbenedict at
Tue Mar 5 15:15:42 UTC 2013

Compare the two javadocs:

@java.lang.annotation.Native: "Indicates that a field defining a constant
value may be referenced from native code. The annotation may be used as a
hint by tools that generate native header files to determine whether a
header file is required, and if so, what declarations it should contain." "An annotation used to
indicate that a native header file should be generated for this class.
Normally, the presence of native methods is a sufficient indication of the
need for a native header file. However, in some cases, a class may contain
constants of interest to native code, without containing any native

Both are hints for tools. Both discuss header files. So why divide them up?
I think they should be in one package together. Personally, I think both
are better suited to the package. I just wanted to
point out the division doesn't make all that sense.


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