Request for review- RFE 8005716

Mike Duigou mike.duigou at
Wed Mar 6 17:56:12 UTC 2013

On Mar 6 2013, at 08:21 , Bob Vandette wrote:

> For a traditional
> JRE that doesn't even require static library support, we'd have to make sure to run on a VM that
> support JNI_VERSION_1_8.  It looks like the JDK maintains their own copy of jni.h.

In earlier days the jni.h file was copied from hotspot into jdk during the compilation process. The current build process doesn't validate that the two files match which opens up opportunities for inconsistencies and problems.

>  If they didn't 
> do that, we would have already gone down that path.

If it's possible to improve upon having two jni.h instances then we should consider doing so.


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