RFR 8005696: Add CompletableFuture - JEP 155

Chris Hegarty chris.hegarty at oracle.com
Thu Mar 14 17:21:16 UTC 2013

As part of JEP 155 (Concurrency Updates) we are proposing to add 
CompletableFuture. A Future that may be explicitly completed (setting 
its value and status), and may include dependent functions and actions 
that trigger upon its completion.


CompletableFuture, as usual, is coming from Doug Lea, with assistance 
from members of the former JCP JSR-166 Expert Group. I have already 
informally reviewed this. This is an official call for review before 
finalizing the API for inclusion in jdk8.

   I still need to make some additions to the test for better coverage, 
but these should not be a blocker for this review.


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