Please review fix for JDK-8010083: Fix ASM doc comments to avoid javadoc errors

Kumar Srinivasan kumar.x.srinivasan at
Fri Mar 15 14:31:06 UTC 2013

I concur too, I will chat with the Objectweb folks and see what needs to
be done.


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>> On 14/03/2013 14:03, A. Sundararajan wrote:
>>> Please review
>>> Thanks
>>> -Sundar
>> This looks okay to me but do we want to be changing the ASM source?
>> It
>> has a few compiler warnings too. Maybe Rémi or someone closer to ASM
>> could get the issues fixed upstream (if they aren't already) so that
>> we
>> are not out of sync.
> I'd concur with that statement.  Making local changes to upstream code
> can become a headache in the long run.  So speaks the maintainer of
> a project that does just that with OpenJDK... ;)
>> -Alan

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