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I made modifications as per Martin's suggestions: 
1.) free pathv on "abort". 
2.) allocate memory for storing the "cwd" string, and then copy it into the memory location (to make sure that the contents of the pathv[] array don't refer to memory that's from the stack of the procedure that created it.) 


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| All: 
| How does this look? 
| 1.) I reverted the for statement formatting change. 

Not exactly. Now it is indented incorrectly. 

Agreed. Really revert. 

| 2.) I removed the goto statement and "inlined" some code instead. 

I prefer to write simpler code that works with both signed and unsigned 

+ while (i > 0) 
+ if (pathv[--i] != cwd) 
+ free(pathv[i]); 

Christos' suggestion looks pretty good. 

As Mark noted, need to add missing free of pathv itself. 

| 3.) I checked to make sure that we're not freeing memory that we didn't act= 

| ually allocate. (Path vector elements that are empty.) 

You are still using the "./" string literal constant in the code so you'll 
end up freeing it (the compiler will prolly merge the two instances and 
you'll get lucky but it is semantically incorrect). 


pathv[i] = cwd;

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