RFR: Project files for Solaris Studio / NetBeans

Jesper Wilhelmsson jesper.wilhelmsson at oracle.com
Mon Mar 25 16:29:20 UTC 2013


Sorry for cross posting, but I think this could be useful for several areas.

I would like to add Solaris Studio / NetBeans project files for the entire 
OpenJDK project. To clarify: One project that contains the entire OpenJDK.

With the new build infrastructure in JDK 8 building the entire OpenJDK is fairly 
fast and even though I personally mostly work in the HotSpot tree, I tend to 
always clone and build the entire JDK forest. I find this to have several benefits.

Webrev: http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~jwilhelm/7074926/webrev/

The configuration in this project is currently Mac only. Linux and Solaris 
configurations are also planned.

The webrev is made from the jdk8/build repository which is where I think a 
change like this should go in. Let me know if you think something else.

To use this project (once pushed):

1. Clone your favorite repository
    hg clone http://hg.openjdk.java.net/hsx/hotspot-gc

2. Get the whole forest
    cd hotspot-gc
    sh get_source.sh

3. Configure
    sh configure

4. Open Solaris studio / NetBeans and load the project.
    The project in located in the common directory.


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