DefaultProxySelector socks override

Christos Zoulas christos at
Wed Mar 27 17:22:05 UTC 2013

On Mar 27,  3:54pm, chris.hegarty at (Chris Hegarty) wrote:
-- Subject: Re: DefaultProxySelector socks override

Hi Chris,

| [cc'ing net-dev, we can then probably drop core-libs-dev and continue 
| the discussion over on net-dev]
| Christos,
| SOCKS is really old and not as widely deployed as other proxies. That 
| said, I don't have any specific problem with your proposal. SOCKS is 
| really in maintenance mode in the JDK, but I do see this as a reasonable 
| request/proposal.

I totally understand; this is a legacy application for us too...

| Since socksNonProxyHosts is only set on Mac I can only presume that it 
| is a remanent of the mac port. I would prefer to make the cosmetic 
| changes as part of this patch. I cannot see that we need to keep 
| socksNonProxyHosts, as it does nothing in the JDK anyway.
| Can you do this?

Sure, I just requested a subscription to net-dev so I might not see the
first few messages. To clarify:

	1. I will add socks.proxyHost and socks.proxyPort for consistency
	   with the other protocols, leaving as is socksProxyHost and
	   socksProxyPort for compatibility.
	2. I will add socks.nonProxyHosts and not socksNonProxyHosts.

Is that what you had in mind?


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