Review request for 8022208: Intermittent test failures in java/lang/Thread/

David Holmes david.holmes at
Wed Nov 6 01:07:08 UTC 2013

Thanks Mandy.

One minor nit:

Having goSleep be an instance method on ThreadStateController makes the 
usage look weird:

   thread.goSleep(10); // actually makes current thread go sleep

I suggest making it static and use static import to shorten the call site :)

If you do change that, no need for re-review.


On 6/11/2013 7:58 AM, Mandy Chung wrote:
> On 11/4/2013 8:42 PM, David Holmes wrote:
>> This looks good to me. One nit that caused me some confusion - it took
>> me a while to realize that in transitionTo eg:
>>  221     public void transitionTo(Thread.State tstate) throws
>> InterruptedException {
>>  222         switch (tstate) {
>>  223             case RUNNABLE:
>>  224                 nextState(RUNNABLE);
>>  225                 break;
>> The case value, eg RUNNABLE, and the arg to nextState, eg RUNNABLE,
>> are two completely different values! Can I suggest using S_xxx for the
>> int states (why not an enum?).
> Good suggestion to rename them.  I considered adding an enum class that
> might confuse with Thread.State enum and so decided to leave them as it is.
>> Typo: awaitArrive should be awaitAdvance
> Fixed.
> This updated webrev also fixes ThreadMXBeanStateTest to retry getting
> ThreadInfo and improves the formatting of the output and include thread
> ID in the output:
> This version has got 1000 successful runs of both tests with and without
> -Xcomp.
> thanks for the review.
> Mandy

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