Reported but unconfirmed JDK issue (Bug Id: 9002739)

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My name is Florian Brunner. This is my first E-Mail to this list. (So far I was only involved with the swing-dev and openjfx-dev mailing lists of OpenJDK.) So I hope, I'm sending my question to the right list.

Back in May I filed a JDK issue regarding the ZipFileSystemProvider (see the message below). But so far I cannot find the issue with the Bug Id: 9002739 on the Java Bug Database at

Since a bug has been reported for Drombler FX (an Open Source project providing a modular Rich Client Platform for JavaFX based on OSGi and Maven (POM-first)), which probably is caused by this issue, I would like to work on this issue.

Could someone from Oracle confirm this issue and make sure it appears in the Bug Database?



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Dear Java Developer, 
Thank you for reporting this issue.

We have determined that this report is a new bug and have entered the bug into our bug tracking system under Bug Id: 9002739. You can look for related issues on the Java Bug Database at

We will try to process all newly posted bugs in a timely manner, but we make no promises about the amount of time in which a bug will be fixed. If you just reported a bug that could have a major impact on your project, consider using one of the technical support offerings available at Oracle Support.

Thanks again for your submission!

Java Developer Support

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