Initial request for review of JDK-8006572 DoubleStream.sum()/average() implementations that reduce numerical errors

Joe Darcy joe.darcy at
Thu Nov 14 08:08:19 UTC 2013


Please take an initial look over a fix for

     JDK-8006572 DoubleStream.sum() & DoubleSummaryStats implementations 
that reduce numerical errors

The basic approach is to use compensated summation

to computed streams-related sum and average statistics in the various 
locations that this can be done.

All existing streams tests pass and new newly-written test passes too.

I believe the portion, including the test, 
is fully review-worthy. In the test, for the sample computation in 
question, the naive summation implementation had a error of 500,000 ulps 
compared to 2 ups with the new implementation.

Two other locations I've found where this summation technique should be 
used are in{summingDouble, averagingDouble}

and{sum, average}

DoublePipeline is the primary implementation class of DoubleStream.

For Collectors, the proposed code is a fairly clear adaptation of how 
the current code passes state around; there is not currently a dedicated 
test for the new summation technique in this location.

I'm new to the streams API so for DoublePipeline I don't know the 
idiomatic way to phrase the collect I want to perform over the code. 
(Based on my current understanding, I believe I want to perform a 
collect rather than a reduce since for the compensated summation I need 
to maintain some additional state.) Guidance here welcome.



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