ArrayStoreException in Class#getAnnotations

Philippe Marschall kustos at
Tue Nov 26 18:45:11 UTC 2013

On 25.11.2013 23:01, Alan Bateman wrote:
> On 24/11/2013 17:07, Philippe Marschall wrote:
>> Hi
>> The following issue was been bothering me for a while:
>> When you have an annotation with a value that is an array of classes
>> [1] and one of those classes can't be loaded with the class loader of
>> defining class of the element the annotation is defined on you get a
>> ArrayStoreException (stack trace below).
> See JDK-7183985 [1].

I see, JDK 9 if we're lucky.

>> :
>> I would like to take a moment to lament the fact that you no longer
>> offer fastdebug builds and no longer include sources for non-API
>> classes. Things like this were much easier to debug in the good old
>> JDK 6 days. This is double annoying when your marketing honchos are
>> always touting increased developer productivity.
> I'm curious what you mean by "no longer include source for non-API
> classes". If you mean then I thought it only ever contained the
> classes for the API classes.

At least the initial JDK 6 releases included sources for com.sun and 
sunw. Ok, wouldn't have helped in this case.


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