8029281: Synchronization issues in Logger and LogManager

Peter Levart peter.levart at gmail.com
Wed Nov 27 21:34:06 UTC 2013

Hi Daniel,

I have started looking at the LogManager change first, and here's the 
1st race I found...

  The new method LoggerWeakRef.dispose() can be called from 3 places:

- LoggerContext.addLocalLogger
- LoggerContext.findLogger
- LogManager.drainLoggerRefQueueBounded which is called from public 
method LogManager.addLogger

The 1st and 2nd are guarded by LoggerContext.this lock, but the 3rd is 

What can happen is the following:

         LogManager.drainLoggerRefQueueBounded() // finds some enqueued 
LoggerWeakRef for name == 'X.Y' and...
             LoggerWeakRef.dispose() // this is 1st call to dispose, so...
                 synchronized (LoggerWeakRef.this) {
                    disposed = true;

---context switch---

             LogManager.drainLoggerRefQueueBounded()  // no enqueued refs...
             LoggerContext.addLocalLogger(logger{name=='X.Y'}, true)
                 LoggerWeakRef ref = namedLoggers.get(name); // returns 
a non-null ref ('X.Y' still points to a cleared weak ref)
                 if (ref.get() == null) {
                     ref.dispose(); // this is a 2nd call to this ref, 
so it returns quickly
                 // ... namedLoggers gets new entry, etc...
                 LogNode node = getNode(name); // get node for 'X.Y'
*                node.loggerRef = ref;*

---context switch---

Thread1: (still in LoggerWeakRef.dispose())
             if (node != null) {
*                node.loggerRef = null;*  // clear LogNode's weak ref to 
us *!!! NOT QUITE !!!*

... so Thread1 erroneously clears the reference from Node to new 
LoggerWeakRef that was just added by Thread2 ...

One way to fix this is to synchronize the clearing of node.logerRef on 
node.context too. I would make LoggerWeakRef.node and parentRef fields 
volatile and do the following:

     final class LoggerWeakRef extends WeakReference<Logger> {
         private String                         name; // for 
namedLoggers cleanup
         private volatile LogNode               node; // for loggerRef 
         private volatile WeakReference<Logger> parentRef;  // for kids 

         LoggerWeakRef(Logger logger) {
             super(logger, loggerRefQueue);
             name = logger.getName();  // save for namedLoggers cleanup

         // dispose of this LoggerWeakRef object
         void dispose() {
             LogNode node = this.node;
             if (node != null) {
                 synchronized (node.context) {
                     node = this.node; // double-checked locking
                     if (node != null) {
                         // if we have a LogNode, then we were a named 
                         // so clear namedLoggers weak ref to us
                         node.context.removeLoggerRef(name, this);
                         name = null;  // clear our ref to the Logger's name

                         node.loggerRef = null;  // clear LogNode's weak 
ref to us
                         this.node = null;       // clear our ref to LogNode

             WeakReference<Logger> parentRef = this.parentRef;
             if (parentRef != null) {
                 // this LoggerWeakRef has or had a parent Logger
                 this.parentRef = null;  // clear our weak ref to the 
parent Logger (racy, but harmless)
                 Logger parent = parentRef.get();
                 if (parent != null) {
                     // the parent Logger is still there so clear the
                     // parent Logger's weak ref to us


What do you think?

That's all for today. Will check the rest of patch tomorrow.

Regards, Peter

On 11/27/2013 08:23 PM, Daniel Fuchs wrote:
> Hi,
> Please find below a webrev for:
> 8029281: Synchronization issues in Logger and LogManager
> <https://bugs.openjdk.java.net/browse/JDK-8029281:
> I believe this changeset will also fix JDK-8027670 and
> JDK-8029092 - which I have thus closed as duplicates of JDK-8029281.
> webrev: <http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~dfuchs/webrev_8029281/webrev.00/>
> Now some comments on the fix:
> LogManager:
> When a logger was garbage collected, and then a new logger
> of the same name requested, addlocalLogger used to call
> LoggerContext.removeLogger to remove the stale reference
> and replace it by a new one. But sometime, the stale reference
> was still in the reference queue, which caused the *new* logger
> to be wrongly removed later when the reference queue was drained.
> LogManager was also missing some synchronization for its 'props'
> variable.
> Logger:
> userBundle & resourceBundleName were sometimes accessed within
> a synchronized block, and sometimes without. In particular the
> getters were not synchronized, which could cause race conditions
> because an other thread could see inconsistent data.
> I also had to refactor the two methods getEffectiveResourceBundle()
> and getResourceBundleName() into a single method.
> The code there might be a bit more difficult to follow,
> because I made sure it preserved the former behavior wrt to
> what will be set in the LogRecord in doLog().
> Tests:
> The new TestLoggerBundleSync.java has been great to test
> the issues above in both Logger & LogManager (it detected
> the drainLoggerRefQueueBounded issue).
> Since I had to touch at drainLoggerRefQueueBounded to make
> TestLoggerBundleSync.java pass I also threw in a
> TestLogConfigurationDeadLock.java to make sure I hadn't introduced
> any new deadlock (and it detected the lack of synchronization
> in LogManager.props).
> best regards,
> -- daniel

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