RFR: 4987375: (reflect) Class.get{Declared}Method{s} does not return clone() for array type

Joel Borggrén-Franck joel.franck at oracle.com
Fri Sep 6 18:14:26 UTC 2013

Hi Mandy,

On Sep 5, 2013, at 9:34 PM, Mandy Chung <mandy.chung at oracle.com> wrote:

> On 9/4/13 6:55 AM, Joel Borggren-Franck wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Please review fix for: http://bugs.sun.com/view_bug.do?bug_id=4987375
>> Webrev: http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~jfranck/4987375/webrev.01/
>> Specdiff: http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~jfranck/4987375/specdiff/java/lang/Class.html
>> ...
>> Me and Alex have also worked on the structure of the docs trying to
>> unify them and have a better flow. Rough outline is:
> This spec clarification and the uniform structure looks good.
> Might be nit-picking - you can consider to clean up either with this fix or in any future of your revision to the javadoc of java.lang.Class.
> Some in the javadoc refers "this Class object" as "this object" and either way will work  Type names in javadoc are with {@code ....} tag as you have done in other places. s/this Class object/this {@code Class} object/ - there are several occurrences that should be fixed (in line 824, 1536, 1540, 1544, 1548, 1551, 1709, ... more).  Similarly s/Method/{@code Method}/ in line 1538, 1542
> L1554, 1892 - s/array returned/returned array/
> I think that what you try to make consistent.

I noticed this myself when looking at Florian's suggestion. Will fix.


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