Please review: fix for java.time Issues with French locale on compact1, 2

roger riggs roger.riggs at
Thu Sep 12 14:57:59 UTC 2013

Hi Alan,

For conformance tests, the configurations are more limited  (Only the US 
The other java.time tests that refer to specific locales don't rely on 
the locale data
only the identity of the locale or depend on the fallback to the US locale.
Otherwise a wider refactoring would be needed and still the configurations
needed for unit testing would need to be more fine grained.

Thanks, Roger

On 9/12/2013 10:32 AM, Alan Bateman wrote:
> On 12/09/2013 15:14, roger riggs wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Testing of java.time has found a problematic test on compact 1 and 2.
>> The test relies on localization data for the French locale that is 
>> not present.
>> Changing the tests to the US locale would be sufficient but then are 
>> redundant
>> with other tests.  The tests are unnecessary and are removed.
>> Please review:
>> Thanks, Roger
> TCK tests can't depend on optional locales so the change looks okay to 
> me.
> In general however, there are several tests that uses FR and other 
> locales. I wasn't aware that we are testing without localedata.jar 
> being present. I hope not as it would require more yucky lists in 
> TEST.groups.
> -Alan

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