RFR 8017248: Compiler Diacritics Issue

Alexander Zuev alexander.zuev at oracle.com
Fri Sep 13 16:25:58 UTC 2013

I need a review for this simple change.

   The problem here is that on Mac the file names with composite letters 
(like letters with diacritic symbols)
are being kept in the Normalized Form Decomposed, so if file contains 
class with the Composed name the
command-line utility or badly configured IDE may provide to the java 
command the incorrectly created class name
(derived from what the OS says the .class file name is) hence we got 
ClassNotFound for the main class.

   The solution would be to catch the ClassNotFoundException during 
initialization of the main class
and try it again with "properly" normalized name and only if it fails 
for the second time to issue an error.
I don't think this approach may cause any regressions but i have tried 
all the related tests and seems
there are no new failures with this change.

   Since i haven't found a way of writing a regression test that is 
stable on different locales even on Mac OS
(not speaking about other OS'es) there will be no regression test for 
this issue.

   Webrev can be found at: 

   Bug description is: 


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