RFR 8024341: j.u.regex.Pattern.splitAsStream() doesn't correspond to split() method if using an example from the spec

Alan Bateman Alan.Bateman at oracle.com
Wed Sep 18 15:20:45 UTC 2013

On 15/09/2013 17:27, Paul Sandoz wrote:
> Hi,
> http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~psandoz/tl/JDK-8024341-pattern-splitAsStream/webrev/
> This fixes an issue with Pattern.splitAsStream reporting empty trailing elements and aligns with the functionality of Pattern.split(CharSequence input).
> The matching iterator passed to the stream was updated to aggressively consume and keep a count of a sequence of empty matching elements such that those elements can either be reported if not trailing, or discarded if trailing.
> Paul.
It make sense to adjust the spec to have it consistent with 

On the implementation then I had to read it a few times to understand 
how emptyElementCount is used. I wonder if it could be done in a simpler 
way, say just setting a flag when current reaches input.length? Maybe 
you have tried this already.

On the test then you probably should include 8016846 in @bug tag as 
otherwise it looks like it was added specifically for 8024341.


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