[PATCH] 4851444: Exposing sun.reflect.Reflection#getCallerClass as a public API in Java 8

Jochen Theodorou blackdrag at gmx.org
Fri Sep 20 21:46:04 UTC 2013

Am 20.09.2013 20:46, schrieb Mandy Chung:
> Exposing a StackStream API means that you need to eagerly walk the stack
> and copy the stack frames to it before it returns.  I agree it is a much
> more flexible API.  On the other hand, stack walking is sequential and
> ordered and a stack stream will be traversed as in an iterator.

not the StackStream API, I did mean a Stream as in 
http://download.java.net/lambda/b78/docs/api/java/util/stream/Stream.html But 
I must say, I did not realize Stream has so little to offer in terms of 
default implementations. I am not saying using this class is a good 
idea, but if you already go on lambdas, then this should be at least 
something to consider... and to underline it: Stream does not require 
you to eagerly read all values

> What about a findCaller method that takes a parameter to indicate how
> many times you skip over the matching elements before applying the
> function:
>     Thread.findCaller(info -> {return
> !haveToSkip(info.getDeclaringClass());},
>                       nonSkippedFramesDepth,
>                       StackFrameInfo::getDeclaringClass());

just to show you how this could work with the Stream

       filter(info -> {return !haveToSkip(info.getDeclaringClass());}.

I am looking at those things since only recently, so there is surely a 
better way, but have an impression it should be enough. Especially I 
show this to you, so you can see that with a Stream no new method is needed.

bye Jochen

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