Please Review integration of Java Time updates

roger riggs roger.riggs at
Sat Sep 21 18:31:17 UTC 2013


A number of issues including some API changes have been addressed in the
Threeten Project and are to be integrated into jdk8-tl.
The changes are from Stephen Colebourne and myself, an OpenJDK reviewer 
is needed.

The webrev author comments include the Jira issues covered.


I expect folks are busy with JavaOne but did not want this to sit in my 
queue longer
since the deadlines for API freeze and Zero Bug bounce occur soon after j1.

Thanks, Roger

p.s.  From the Webrev:

8023762: Add ChronoPeriod interface and bind period to Chronology
Summary: Make Period ISO-only, adding a Chronology-specific period concept
Contributed-by: scolebourne at

8023763: Rename ChronoDateImpl
Summary: Rename ChronoDateImpl to ChronoLocalDateImpl
Contributed-by: scolebourne at

8023764: Optimize Period addition
Summary: Optimise plus/minus for common cases
Contributed-by: scolebourne at

8024835: Change until() to accept any compatible temporal
Summary: Method until(Temporal,TemporalUnit) now uses from() to convert; Enhance from() methods where necessary
Contributed-by: scolebourne at

8024807: Add getChronlogy() to CLDT/CZDT
Summary: Alternative to method is clunky and hard to find
Contributed-by: scolebourne at

8024834: Better return type for TemporalField resolve
Summary: Allow resolve method to return more than just ChronoLocalDate
Contributed-by: scolebourne at

8024999: Instant.Parse typo in example
Summary: javadoc only fix to correct example to use "." and "Z"

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