Point lambdaification of List/Set/Map

Stephen Colebourne scolebourne at joda.org
Sun Sep 22 12:40:26 UTC 2013

I coded the methods I was thinking of on the plane  to SFO:

If there is still interest for JDK8 perhaps a group could work on
tidying this up at the codegarten.


On 12 July 2013 00:49, Stephen Colebourne <scolebourne at joda.org> wrote:
> On 12 July 2013 00:04, Mike Duigou <mike.duigou at oracle.com> wrote:
>>>> Implementation would ideally be via new dedicated immutable classes,
>>>> however space could be saved by simply reusing the existing classes.
>> I would prefer to use existing Collections implementations. Primarily because they have already been thoroughly used. Any reason to use new dedicated classes?
> Google Guava is the model here. It has dedicated immutable classes
> that are more efficient because they don't have the overhead of an
> immutable wrapper.
> If it has to be existing classes, then so be it, but the
> implementation may suffer as a result.
> I don't believe it can be changed later, as users may see the
> implementation class as significant, perhaps via a serialization ID.
> If it is considered acceptable to change the implementation class in a
> later release, then I would be happy to accept reusing the existing
> classes to get this into 8. Is it possible to get an opinion on a
> later implementation class change?
>>>> Is this something we could fit in? (Is resourcing the problem, or the idea?)
>> Patches are *always* welcome and are usually more grease to make things happen than just a squeaky wheel. :-) Without a patch I wouldn't be willing to commit that this RFE would make it into Java 8.
> I may be able to find time to do this. Or I may not. Other list
> readers might want to chime in here and volunteer.
> I certainly think it would be a popular addition.
> Stephen

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