Improve timezone mapping for AIX platform

Jonathan Lu luchsh at
Wed Apr 2 16:34:02 UTC 2014

 Hi Volker,

On 2014年04月02日 23:07, Volker Simonis wrote:

Hi Jonathan,

thanks for updating the change. Please find my comments inline:

On Tue, Apr 1, 2014 at 4:52 PM, Jonathan Lu
<luchsh at> <luchsh at> wrote:

 Hi Volker, Masayoshi,

Thanks a lot for your review, here's the updated patch, could you pls take a

On Thu, Mar 27, 2014 at 1:48 AM, Volker Simonis
<volker.simonis at> <volker.simonis at>

 Hi Jonathan,

thanks for doing this change. Please find some comments below:

1. please update the copyright year to 2014 in every file you touch

 Updated in new patch.

 2. in CopyFiles.gmk you can simplify the change by joining the windows
and aix cases because on Windows OPENJDK_TARGET_OS is the same like
OPENJDK_TARGET_OS_API_DIR. So you can write:

ifneq ($(findstring $(OPENJDK_TARGET_OS), windows aix), )


  $(LIBDIR)/tzmappings: $(TZMAPPINGS_SRC)/tzmappings
    $(call install-file)

  COPY_FILES += $(LIBDIR)/tzmappings


 I've tried that approach before, but OPENJDK_TARGET_OS_API_DIR is 'solaris'
as I observed on my AIX box,
solaris/lib is not the directory where tzmappings was stored for AIX.
So I'm keeping this change, please fix me if I was wrong about the config.

 Yes, but my point was to actually use OPENJDK_TARGET_OS for the
construction of  TZMAPPINGS_SRC as shown in the code snippet above.
OPENJDK_TARGET_OS is "windows" on Windows platforms and "aix" on AIX
and that should be just enough here.

That's right, let me try that  and also build/test on Windows platform.

  3. regarding the changes proposed by Masayoshi: I agree that we should
put the AIX timezone mapping code in its own function, but I don't
think that getPlatformTimeZoneID() would be the right place. As far as
I understand, getPlatformTimeZoneID() is used to get a platform time
zone id if the environment variable "TZ" is not set. I don't know a
way how this could be done on AIX (@Jonathan: maybe you know?). If
there would be a way to get the time zone from some system files or
so, then we should put this code into the AIX version of

 I guess we may try to use /etc/envrionment file, which is basic setting for
all processes,
The implementation of  getPlatformTimeZoneID() has been updated.

 That's good!

 But the current AIX code contributed by Jonathan, actually uses the
time zone id from the "TZ" environment variable and just maps it to a
Java compatible time zone id. So I'd suggest to refactor this code
into a function like for example "static const char*
mapPlatformToJavaTimzone(const char* tz)" and call that from
findJavaTZ_md(). I think that would make the code easier to

 Agree, and have split the code into a separate static method to do the
mapping work.

 Good. But there's still one error in findJavaTZ_md():

 706 #ifdef _AIX
 707         javatz = mapPlatformToJavaTimezone(java_home_dir, tz);
 708 #endif

This should read:

 706 #ifdef _AIX
 707         javatz = mapPlatformToJavaTimezone(java_home_dir, javatz);
 708 #endif

because in line 703 you free 'tz' via its alias 'freetz' if 'tz' came
from getPlatformTimeZoneID().

Right, but with the second approach, there may be a minor memory leak here,
as javatz was not freed before being overwritten on AIX. will post another
patch on this soon.

With the above fixed I'll push this one we get one more review from a
reviewer (I'm currently not an official reviewer).


 @Masayoshi: what do you think, would you agree with such a solution.

4. I agree with Masayoshi that you should use the existing

 Updated in new patch to eliminate duplication.

 5. Please notice that your change breaks all Unix builds except AIX
because of:

 759     }
 760 tzerr:
 761     if (javatz == NULL) {
 762         time_t offset;
 782     }
 783 #endif

I think that should read:

 760     tzerr:
 761         if (javatz == NULL) {
 762             time_t offset;
 782         }
 783 #endif
 784     }

Refactoring the code in an extra function will make that error more
evident anyway.

But please always build at least on one different platform (i.e.
Linux) to prevent such errors in the future.

 My fault, sorry for the failure, should take no chance after any manual


On Wed, Mar 26, 2014 at 10:27 AM, Masayoshi
Okutsu<masayoshi.okutsu at> <masayoshi.okutsu at>

 Hi Jonathan,

The AIX specific code looks OK to me. But I'd suggest the code be moved
getPlatformTimeZoneID() for AIX, which just returns NULL currently. Also
there's a function for producing a fallback ID in "GMT±hh:mm",
getGMTOffsetID() which can be called in tzerr.


On 3/26/2014 3:47 PM, Jonathan Lu wrote:

 Hi ppc-aix-port-dev, core-libs-dev,

Here's a patch for JDK-8034220,

It is trying to add the a more complete timezone mapping mechanism for
the changes are primarily based on IBM's commercial JDK code, which

- A new timezone mapping file added under directory jdk/src/aix/lib/
- Code to parse above config file, changed file is
- And also makefile change in make/CopyFiles.gmk to copy the config

Could you pls help to review and give comments ?

- Jonathan

  Many thanks


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