Thread hangs reading from process output streams, even though process has terminated. (possible JDK bug?)

Bruno Medeiros at
Wed Apr 16 16:23:37 UTC 2014

I have some code where I start an external process (ProcessBuilder.start()
,etc.) and then I spawn two worker threads to read the stdout and stderr of
the external process. I directly read the streams provided by
process.getInputStream() and process.getErrorStream() , I'm not wrapping
them with my own streams or anything. Rather, the worker threads are
calling[]) in a loop.

I've encountered a situation, where the worker threads hang despite the
process having been terminated already!
( Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM (build 24.51-b03, mixed mode) , Windows

I'm able to caught this whilst running the Java program under the debugger.
I invoked process.exitValue() under the debugger to see if the JVM has
indeed realized the process has terminated. It returned 0, so it seems it
knows the process has terminated. Yet the streams are still blocked, in a
native method:

The stdout worker thread is stuck here:
Daemon Thread [ExternalProcessEclipseHelper.MainWorker] (Suspended)
    owns: BufferedInputStream  (id=145)
    FileInputStream.readBytes(byte[], int, int) line: not available [native
method][], int, int) line: 272
    BufferedInputStream.fill() line: 235
    BufferedInputStream.read1(byte[], int, int) line: 275[], int, int) line: 334
    BufferedInputStream(FilterInputStream).read(byte[]) line: 107

line: 73

The stderr worker thread is similarly stuck :
Daemon Thread [ExternalProcessEclipseHelper.StdErrWorker] (Suspended)
    FileInputStream.readBytes(byte[], int, int) line: not available [native
method][]) line: 243

line: 73

Could this be a JVM bug? I don't see that this scenario should ever be
happening, unless some other part of my code somehow did some violation and
messed up the JVM state.

I've added a sample of the relevant code I'm using here:
However, I haven't yet been able to replicate this bug using the isolated
code from there. At the moment, I can only replicate it when I run my full
application. The sample code could be simplified further, but I haven't
done it yet since I couldn't replicate the bug using that.

One interesting bit, is that I can only replicate it when I run the
application for the first time, per computer session. That is, apparently I
need to reboot my computer for the bug to manifest again!

I'd like to narrow this down, but I would appreciate some help or
suggestions for that. What could affect the JVM, such that subsequent
invocations apparently don't cause the bug? Some code cache issue? I also
wonder if the OSGi runtime could be a factor here.

Bruno Medeiros

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