review request: 8035782 : sun/launcher/LauncherHelper$FXHelper loaded unnecessarily

Neil Toda neil.toda at
Tue Apr 22 01:18:59 UTC 2014


for bug

The file : ./jdk/src/share/classes/sun/launcher/

has been modified so that the inner class FXHelper is not loaded 
FXHelper, which is needed to make initializations for any JavaFX 
application, was
being loaded for all applications.

The fix was straight forward, with the lifting of one method and several 
strings into FXHelper's superclass, LauncherHelper.

Kevin Rushforth supplied three tests of applications not in jar files.  
needed to be explicitly tested.  These tests require the JavaFX bundle 
in the
build, and the return code 2 signifies success.

Launcher tests for jtreg: ./jdk/test/tools/launcher passed on Windows 7 
64 and Oracle-Linux6-64.

JPRT tests were run and passed on scv3.



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