[8u60] RFR: 8038189: Add cross-platform compact profiles support

Erik Joelsson erik.joelsson at oracle.com
Mon Dec 1 09:19:18 UTC 2014

Hello David,

Most of it looks good, but profile-includes.txt could certainly benefit 
from some reduction in duplication. (Aside from the extension of the 
file itself, which I find a bit weird, but it's already there.) The two 
common structures that I can see are:
1. Expanding debuginfo files for macosx.
2. Assigning/expanding libraries to the correct variable.

For macosx debuginfo expanding, I would define a macro to something like 

# Expand the contents of the .dSYM directories on macosx.
# Param 1 - debug files list
# Param 2 - libraries list
define expand-debuginfo
   $(if $(and $(filter-out true, $(ZIP_DEBUGINFO_FILES)), $(filter 
macosx, $(OPENJDK_TARGET_OS))), \
       $(foreach i, $1, $(addsuffix /Contents/Info.plist, $i)) \
           $(foreach i, $2, $(addsuffix /Contents/Resources/DWARF/$i, 
$(filter $i.%, $1))), \

And use it like this:

PROFILE_1_DEBUG_FILES := $(call expand-debuginfo, 

Filtering out jsig can be done on the parameters at the macro call.

For the conditional addprefix of OPENJDK_TARGET_CPU_LEGACY_LIB, I would 
do something like:

ifeq (, $(findstring $(OPENJDK_TARGET_OS), windows macosx))

And then always assign PROFILE_*_JRE_LIB_FILES with $(addprefix 
$(LIB_SUBDIR), ...). The conditional on Windows for assigning to 
...BIN_FILES or ...LIB_FILES I would leave in place since I don't think 
a macro solution would make it easier to understand.


On 2014-12-01 01:09, David Holmes wrote:
> Main bug is 8038189 but that is a closed bug, the open backport issue is:
> https://bugs.openjdk.java.net/browse/JDK-8066200
> Compact Profiles support was added in 8, but only for the Linux 
> platform. I've now generalized this support to all the other 
> platforms. This is an 8u only change, targetting 8u60, as soon as the 
> jdk8u/dev starts accepting things for 8u60.
> The changes are not that extensive - mostly generalizing the lists and 
> accounting for different platforms putting files into different places 
> (jre/lib/<arch> vs jre/lib vs jre/bin). It isn't necessary to produce 
> detailed per-platform lists as files that don't exist simply don't get 
> copied; but when files are obviously platform specific then I add them 
> under suitable guards.
> The biggest complexity comes from the debuginfo files, and in 
> particular unzipped debuginfo files. This accounts for the bulk of the 
> changes in profiles-includes.txt, as we try to identify the set of 
> debug files that might exist for each library (and OSX is the main 
> complication due to the .dSYM directory because the existing rules 
> only copy files not directories). Suggestions for reducing the 
> duplicated patterns would be appreciated.
> Platform specific contents were determined in conjunction with 
> examination of what Jigsaw is using in JDK 9 for the base module.
> I tested all the main platforms (Windows, Linux, Solaris and OSX) and 
> with/without zipping of debuginfo files. Note that Windows builds will 
> not work with unzipped debuginfo files due to 8025936, but I checked 
> that multiple debug info files were expanded into the right set of 
> targets.
> webrevs:
> http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~dholmes/8038189/webrev.top/
> make/Main.gmk:
>  - Remove the os-check that constrained profiles to linux
> http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~dholmes/8038189/webrev.jdk/
> make/CreateJars.gmk:
>  - Check for empty variables (Solaris doesn't like them)
>  - Fix # # comments
>  - Add explicit targets for the beanless classes with $ in them (the % 
> substitution doesn't work on all platforms when $ is also present)
> make/Images.gmk
>  - Don't filter out server VM from compact profiles
> make/Import.gmk
>  - Add Info.plist to the exported files (for unzipped debuginfo files 
> - this is a general fix not profiles specific so may warrant its own CR)
> make/Profiles.gmk
>  - Remove linux-only comment
> make/Tools.gmk
>  - Fix tool definitions to use $(PATH_SEP) and quote cp entries
> make/profile-includes.txt
>  - Bulk of changes as described above
> make/profile-rtjar-includes.txt
>  - Additional packages that exist on OSX only (but don't need to be 
> conditionally added)
>  - NOTE: if AIX or other platform add platform specific packages not 
> already included by an enclosing package, then they will also need to 
> be added
> Thanks,
> David

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