Should some JDK system properties be read only ?

Seán Coffey sean.coffey at
Thu Dec 4 15:42:08 UTC 2014

Apologies if this has been raised in past. I've run into issues in the 
past where bad user code (app server) has set the java.home system 
property to a value other than the default. This has consequences for 
apps/code that depend heavily on java.home returning the correct 
location. The case I saw was a JDK 7 runtime attempting to load JDK 6 
config files (since java.home was pointing to JDK 6)

It leads me to question on whether we should change this behaviour. 
There are a whole bunch of properties that make no sense to change. 
Those like : java.version, java.vendor, java.home, 
java.vm.specification.version, java.vm.specification.vendor,, java.vm.version, java.vm.vendor,, java.specification.version, java.specification.vendor,

Should we consider making them read only for JDK 9 and later ?


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