RFR 9: 8044841 java/lang/Runtime/exec/SleepyCat.java Exception: Read from closed pipe hangs

roger riggs roger.riggs at oracle.com
Fri Dec 12 17:14:17 UTC 2014

Please review this addition of diagnostic output to an intermittently 
failing Runtime.exec test.

The Solaris implementation of ProcessBuilder.start uses posix_spawn and 
a trampoline
technique that invokes a small spawnhelper executable which in turn 
forks the new executable.
The test has been intermittently failing on Solaris and is not reproducible.
The diagnostic output is only triggered if the test is failing and is 
since the programs are only available on Solaris.

Other suggestions for diagnostics or the solution are welcome.

[The test fix will be pushed using a different bug number since it does 
not attempt to fix the issue.]


Thanks, Roger

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