RFR 8067437: New tests for mJRE feature removal.

Kumar Srinivasan kumar.x.srinivasan at oracle.com
Tue Dec 23 15:26:57 UTC 2014


Since you contributed  the dev work, appreciate if you can provide some
feedback on the cleanup and new tests.

Please see embedded comments below:

> Please review new tests for the java launcher.
> New tests in MultipleJRE.java includes:
> 1. java -help must not contain information about obsolete flags
> "-version:", "-jre-restrict-search", "-jre-no-restrict-search"
> 2. java should emit error if obsolete flag is specified (combo test)
> 3. java should ignore manifest attributes: 
> "JRE-Version","JRE-Restrict-Search"

Prefer to see braces for "for-while-loops"  lines 71, 72, its ok if you 
skip braces for
one-liner if-then-else clauses.

I would also suggest dumping the TestResult separately upon failure to 
assist in debugging,
because it will be likely be "yours truly" who will triage  future bugs.

  112         if (!tr.testStatus) {
- 113             throw new RuntimeException("test case: failed\n" + tr.toString());
+                 System.out.println(tr);
+                 throw new RuntimeException("test case: failed\n" + cmd);
  114         }

> Removed tests:
> 1. Tests covered by MultipleJRE.java are removed in shell script 
> MultipleJRE.sh. Script can be ported to Java by another changeset.

Amen, I want to see MultipleJRE.sh be whittled away and finally removed.

> 2. Removed tests that check java argument parsing through re-exec when 
> another java version specified through flag -version:<id>
> Do we have tests for argument parsing in java launcher except 
> Arrrghs.java?

Besides Arrrghs.java, there are tests in langtools

So why is the BugId added to this test ? This test no longer tests any 
mJRE features ?

Thanks for doing this!.


> Webrev: http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~anazarov/8067437/webrev.00/
> --Thanks, Andrey

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