Improve large array allocation / gc & intrinsics

Laurent Bourgès bourges.laurent at
Mon Feb 10 09:24:32 UTC 2014

Dear all,

I would like to propose a JDK9 RFE to improve JVM efficiency when
dealing with large arrays (allocation + gc).

In several scientific applications (and my patched java2d pisces),
many large arrays are needed, created on the fly and it becomes very
painful to recycle them using an efficient array cache (concurrency,
cache size tuning, clear + cache eviction issues).

In this case, the GC overhead leads to a big performance penalty
(several hundred megabytes per seconds).

As such array cache are very efficient in an application context, I am
wondering if that approach could be promoted at the JDK level itself:

- provide a new array allocator for large arrays that can return
larger arrays than expected (size = 4 or 8 multiples) using array
caches (per thread ?) stored in a dedicated JVM large memory area (GC
aware) and providing efficient cache eviction policies

- may support for both clean arrays (zero filled) or dirty arrays
because some algorithms does not need zero-filled arrays.

- improve JVM intrinsics (array clear, fill) to achieve maximum
performance ie take into account the data alignment (4 or 8 multiples)

- upgrade GC to recycle such 'cached' arrays (clean), update usage
statistics and manage cache eviction policy (avoid wasting memory)

Please give me your feedback & opinion and evaluate if this feature
seems possible to implement into the JDK (hotspot, gc, core-libs) ...

What is the procedure to create such JDK9 RFE ?

Best regards,

Laurent Bourgès

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