RFR(S): 8035881: PPC64: Fix AIX build in ppc-aix-port/stage after syncing 7133499 and 8028293 from jdk8u

Volker Simonis volker.simonis at gmail.com
Wed Feb 26 18:51:29 UTC 2014


please review the following small AIX-only change for
ppc-aix-port/stage (and eventually jdk8u) which became necessary after
we have synced the following two changes from jdk8u:

8028293: Check local configuration for actual ephemeral port range
7133499: (fc) FileChannel.read not preempted by asynchronous close on OS X

This change also updates src/share/lib/security/java.security-aix to
incorporate the latest changes from the other platforms security files
(i.e. java.security-aix is now equal to java.security-linux).


This change is similar to the already reviewed and pushed "8033154:
PPC64: Fix AIX build after integration into jdk9/dev" for jdk9/dev
except that jdk8u doesn’t have "8032451: (dc) DatagramChannel.join
should support include-mode filtering on OS X" until now so the
corresponding fixes aren't needed. See the thread
for the previous review.


7133499 did some changes to NativeThread.c. Instead of adding another
platform specific section to that file I've moved the AIX
implementation to it's own file which will only be used during the AIX
port. Notice that the changes in the makefile are in a AIX-specific
section and won't affect any other platform.


This is another file which wasn't present in our stage/jdk
repository but in the new jdk8u/jdk. Just added the required,
AIX-specific section to the file.


Recent changes have updated the various
src/share/lib/security/java.security* files. Without these changes,
the JDK failes to pass the
java/lang/SecurityManager/CheckPackageAccess.java jtreg regression
test. I've just updated java.security-aix to be the same like the
corresponding Linux version (as this was done - and agreed upon that
it is OK - in the initial AIX change).


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