Review request for JDK-6760902: inconsistent behavior in bootstrap class loader for classes and resources

Mandy Chung mandy.chung at
Thu Jan 16 01:27:35 UTC 2014

There is an inconsistency in searching classes vs resources if 
bootclasspath contains an empty path.  Empty path on bootclasspath is 
skipped by the bootstrap class loader when searching classes while it 
defaults to current working directory when searching resources as the 
application class loader.  This fixes sun.misc.Launcher to skip empty 
path when constructing the paths from bootclasspath for resource lookup.

Webrev at:

There is some incompatibility risk that may impact existing code 
depending on this behavior to search resources from the current working 
directory if empty path (rather than explicit) is set.  I think most 
application using bootclasspath is to add their paths to load their 
classes and likely expect the resources are looked in the consistent way 
(i.e. skips the empty path).  So I expect the incompatibility risk is low.


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