RFR(S/L): 8028537: PPC64: Updated the JDK regression tests to run on AIX

Alan Bateman Alan.Bateman at oracle.com
Fri Jan 17 09:48:46 UTC 2014

On 15/01/2014 16:42, Volker Simonis wrote:
> Hi Alan,
> thanks for the suggestion. That's fine for me. I've copied the empty 
> SCTP stubs from the macosx to the aix directory as well and updated 
> the make file accordingly (in the patch for "8031581: PPC64: Addons 
> and fixes for AIX to pass the jdk regression tests").
> Therefore, the changes to the three tests:
> test/com/sun/nio/sctp/SctpChannel/Util.java
> test/com/sun/nio/sctp/SctpMultiChannel/Util.java
> test/com/sun/nio/sctp/SctpServerChannel/Util.java
> can be considered obsolete.
Thanks, I think this makes the most sense.

I looked through the rest of this webrev and the update to the tests 
looks fine.

One general comment is that for many of these shell tests (that survive 
the current effort to replace them) is that we could move the Unix 
handling into the match any case so that we don't have to list each of 
Linux, SunOS, Darwin, ...   I think this came up when the OS X port was 
brought in but there wasn't any follow-up on it. I am not suggesting you 
do this here, it's just a comment as I see same change to so many tests.

A minor comment on SBC.java is that it could just catch 
UnsupportedOperationException on L238, that would avoid needing to check 

A really minor comment on the updates to ProblemList.txt is that the JMX 
test should probably be in the jdk_jmx section (it's just a convention 
that we've been using, it doesn't of course really matter where tests 
are listed).


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