StringJoiner: detect or fix delimiter collision?

Mike Duigou mike.duigou at
Mon Jan 27 17:44:04 UTC 2014

On Jan 26 2014, at 17:12 , Philip Hodges <philip.hodges at> wrote:

> Please please please drop StringJoiner from Java 1.8 before it is too late.

It is well past "too late". The API has been frozen since August for all but the most exceptional cases.

>>> At first I thought they were cool. Then I tried to use them in anger.
>>> And was forced to roll my own.
>> I would encourage you to share your implementation or the javadocs as grist for discussion.  An actual alternative is the *only* thing that is likely to be persuasive.

You seem to be very much in the minority on this issue by the silence from other responders on this list and elsewhere. The concerns you've highlighted with regard to delimiter management, while certainly valid, have not been of sufficient concern to suggest a change in the proposal. The prediction that using StringJoiner will become Java's sprintf seems unlikely to be be true. The reception we've seen thus far for StringJoiner has been otherwise exclusively enthusiastic and positive. 

Alternatives, refinements and counterproposals are always welcome in the discussion. Doomsaying unfortunately adds little.


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