Review request for JDK-8051561: Convert JAXP function tests: javax.xml.xpath.* to jtreg (testNG) tests

huizhe wang at
Mon Jul 28 05:42:40 UTC 2014

Hi Eric,

This is a good start!  The code looks much more cleaner than the 
previous tests, great work!

1. Base class
     I see that you picked a small set of tests from the Product group 
(a small surprise :-) since I thought you'd had the Auction-portal 
group).  You probably already considered it, but I assume there may be 
three layers of base classes. By layers,  I mean the following:
                                               jaxp test
                    jaxp sqe 
test                                           unittests
astro      auction portal      gap    product   xslt

     Each layer may have its own functions. For example, test groups 
such as auction portal that used 3rd paty components may include 
functions such as that you previously added to the auction portal test.

     Furthermore, we've made it so that jaxp tests will run with/without 
security manager. Frank and Patrick are adding such ability to the unit 
tests. Could you work with them so that all of jaxp tests share the same 
set of base classes including the functions in your base class, and 
security/policy functions?

2. Unfinished tests
     I see that you removed unfinished tests, e.g XPath01 test 39 - 51, 
which reflected unimplemented feature. That's probably okay. Also 
removed are test 09 to 12 from XPathFactory01 that were commented out 
and moved to new test classes XPathFunctionResolver01 and 
XPathVariableResolver01. Unfortunately, the later was never completed 
due to the lose of the jaxp sqe engineer.

    It's not in the scope of this project to develop new tests, but 
could you leave a note somewhere in the tests?

3. Originally insufficient function test
     Nice use of Lambda as Roger said :-)
     If not for your clean-up, I wouldn't have noticed that the 
XPathFunctionResolver simply returned null and XPathFuction was never 
implemented. So it's not a surprise that there was indeed a bug in the 
area (JDK-4946192 XPathFunctionResolver is not used).

Could you discuss with Jibing on what you may want to do in regards to 
item 2 and 3 above? Patrick had previously increased test coverage. I 
wonder if that would be something you would still consider.


On 7/25/2014 6:12 AM, Eric Wang wrote:
> Hi Joe, alan and every one
> I'm working on jaxp functional test colocation which is traced by the 
> bug JDK-8043091 <>.
> We have finished to convert a few suite and the jaxp/xpath tracked by 
> bug JDK-8051561 <> is 
> the first one chosen for public review.
> Can you please review the webrev below? your comments given would be 
> helpful for our future work.
> Thanks,
> Eric

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