ThreadLocalRandom clinit troubles

Alan Bateman Alan.Bateman at
Fri Jun 20 13:00:05 UTC 2014

On 20/06/2014 12:20, Peter Levart wrote:
> Hi,
> A patch that solves this is a patch to InetAddress. We can't suppress 
> initialization of InetAddress as part of NetworkInterface 
> initialization, but we can suppress initialization of NameService 
> providers as part of InetAddress initialization by moving them into a 
> nested class called NameServices:
> This should solve Martin's issue, but the patch to TLR initialization 
> could be applied nevertheless, since it might help overcome possible 
> issues when using SecureRandom for TLR's seed.
That should work. An alternative is to just get rid of this mechanism. 
Way back then it was useful for running on systems that has NIS/YP 
configured as it wasn't always possible get to the fully qualified host 
name. It was also used as a workaround to long timeouts on Windows doing 
NetBIOS lookups. I don't think if either of these cases it interesting 
these days so it might be the simplest thing to just get rid of it. The 
other thing is that it was never meant to be a general service provider 
mechanism, it's not usable outside of the JDK without extending 
JDK-internal classes for example.


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